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Three Boogers in a Row
Briggs, OK

Welcome to  The mission of this web site is to educate the public about Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Art and Cultural Practices of the Cherokee.  Roger and Shawna Cain, a husband and wife team, are federally recognized Cherokees.  Both descend from original enrollees on the Dawes and Keetoowah Rolls. 

Roger, Keetoowah-Cherokee, is a direct descendant of Watt Christie, the son of Florene Christie Batt and Charlie Cain, and the grandson of Agnes Christie Pumpkin, George Pumpkin and Richard Batt--all 4/4 Cherokee-Keetoowah.   Shawna Morton Cain, a direct descendant of John Rotten Ross (Flint District representative 1860-70) and Lucinda Miller, is a sixth generation citizen of Cherokee Nation since the forced removal from her family's Cherokee homeland (Georgia) to Arkansas and then Oklahoma.  Shawna is the daughter of Patsy Eads Morton, tribal councilwoman (1978 - 1991) and Neil Morton (group leader, Cherokee Nation).

The Cain's live in the current Trail of Tears District of Cherokee Nation and Goingsnake District f the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees in Oklahoma, the same districts to which their families were removed by the U.S. government in the 1830's.  
Both Shawna and Roger Cain have been designated by the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Historical Society and Cherokee Heritage Center as Cherokee National Treasures and ambassadors of Cherokee Nation.  The Cains passion for Cherokee culture is best expressed through their on-going quest to learn from tribal elders and members the traditional practicies of the Cherokee.  Specializing in both traditional and contemporary Cherokee art, they continue to study and learn about the woodland environment that inspires and sustains their artistic expression.

Eldon Booger
Eldon, OK

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Some of Shawna's Baskets
River Cane and reed baskets

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