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Twist Mountain, Oklahoma

River Cane Baskets as made by Cherokees have been historically beautiful in form, shape and function with continuous construction of baskets made by Cherokees from the early Woodland period to the present.  Cherokees in both the Eastern side of the Untied States and the removed Cherokees to present day Oklahoma have continued this remarkable technology of basket weaving through perserverance of famly knowledge and sharing.

Weaving River Cane Basket

Shawna is one of only a few federallly recognized Cherokee artists in Oklahoma who continue this old tradition of using only natural dyes and materials collected and processed by herself and family members.  In 2006 the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma recognized her for her work in river cane basketry and designated her as Cherokee Nation Treasure and as an ambassador for the Cherokee nation.

River Cane baskets on the hill
Some of Shawna's baskets

Serving Basket
Dyed with Natural Bloodroot. Twist Mountain, OK

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